Exam Tips

Time Yourself

When you practice, use an analog clock or a digital watch. You won’t have a timer with you on test day!

SAT and ACT sells copies of the actual exam you took, three times a year

Both tests sell exact copies of the test you sat for, and include the list of questions you got wrong, for three of the tests they give a year. The copies are available only to standard time, Saturday test takers.  It’s a great low cost opportunity to measure your real-world testing skills!  Perfect for determining your exact strengths and weaknesses.

Test      Name of Service                          Months offered                          Cost               Order your copy when you register, OR within:

ACT     “Test Information Release”             December, April and June          $20                Three months following your exam

SAT     “Question and Answer Service”      October*, March* and May       $18                 Five months following your exam

(*Saturday only. May, all testing arrangements)