When You Meet with Launch

our goal is to bring you to your best performance level.

When we meet, we will:

  1. Practice full  math (and science) portions of the ACT and SAT exams
  2. Explore you as a person, your goals, and your peers, and identify stressors holding you back,
  3. Discover your learning style
  4. Develop timing plans
  5. Train you to process more quickly
  6. Enhance your math toolkit

We also can work together on course support in:

  • Algebra II,
  • Trigonometry
  • Calculus AP AB
  • Discrete math

Call me at 773-387-4056 for a free initial phone meeting to see if we are a fit, or email me at janina@launchacademics.com.

I specialize in students who:

  1. Are bright or gifted and in great schools, but who’s scores are not reflecting their native abilities
  2. Those struggling with anxiety, ADD or dyslexia, and need a clean approach to problem solving
  3. Need a crash course on handling the exams
  4. Students who are unsure which test to focus on – ACT or SAT.

My students are from:

Primarily I work with Junior and Senior high school students in North Shore public high schools. I work with Deerfield, New Trier, Stevenson, uffalo grove, Rochelle  Zell, and others. I am a practicing engineer, and a Cornell University Graduate:  These maths are familiar to me.  I also have students in 6th grade taking gifted level high school courses, and college students working to improve their skills.

We will meet regularly by the week, throughout the year, at my office in Northbrook:

666 Dundee Road
Suite 1608
Northbrook, IL 60062

and at homes if scheduling permits.